• Summon students from universities or academic institutions to participate in teams in representation of their institutions.


• Share the basic things an entrepreneur has to do to create a business or corporation such as Business Administration details  and enhance their presenting and selling abilities.


• Create the environment to give the participants the opportunity to design a "doable event" in the real world, which may be bought or in partnership with the professionals of our industry serving as the judges (Notables).





The program ( judged by the Notables ) will recognize the quality of the projects in 5 different categories and will award the Universities or Academic Institutions with a diploma:


1. The most original event

2. The best presented event  ( by team )

3. The event with the most transcendence or significance

4. The best team effort

5. The event most likely to succeed in the market



and qualified by a group of professionals of our industry called "Notables".


This "in person" program, consists of 12 hours of education, a workshop or "event laboratory" and the presentation before the Notables.


The Ep program consists of three phases:



Presentations on specific topics

With subjects directly related to the technicalities of creating a company and the personal abilities they will need to succeed



Event laboratory

The participants design a project ( congress, festival or event ) by teams. With the objective of making it happen



Presentation and Negotiation

In this last phase the teams have 30 minutes to present their project to the Notables, with the possibility of either: a ) selling them the event or b ) partnering with them to bring it to fruition.

The education program "Potentially Entrepreneurs" was created by Fernando Compeán, CMM, CITE, CMP, CIS, CMS, CCM with over 40 years as a leader and visionary in the meetings and events industry to prepare students in becoming entrepreneurs. The education puts together the fundamentals of opening a business and it shares with the aspiring young men and women the personal abilities and skills they will need to succeed.


Students of various Academic institutions compete against each other by presenting a makeable

meeting or event that will be judged

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